Sybase EAServer enable HTTPS

Sybase enable HTTPS with Certificate step.

  1. 下載憑證檔至 EAServer 本機 (download Certificate to EAServer local disk include follow files.)
    1. 頂層憑證 Root Certificate
      1. GTECyberTrustGlobalRootProd.crt
    2. 中繼憑證 Intermediate certificate
      1. TaiCASecureCA_Prod_SSLServerCA.crt
    3. 主機憑證
      • 由於 EAServer 只能正確的認出 PKCS#12 格式之憑證交換檔,所以當廠商簽發的憑證是 crt 憑證檔時必須先轉換為憑證交換檔才能使用
  2. 安裝憑證至 EAServer
    1. EAServer Manager → Localhost Jaguar → Certificates
    2. Login (Default Sybase PKCS11 Token password is: sybase)
    3. Select “Trusted CAs”
    4. Right Click in right window “Install Certificate…”
    5. Check “Import from file:” → “Browse”
    6. Select you download's Certificate file.
    7. Repeat Step IV. to VI. until finish install all Certificate file.
    8. Check Root and Intermediate Certificate in “CA Certificates”.
    9. Check Server Certificate in “User Certificate”.
  3. To be continue…