smitty 是 AIX 裡非常重要的一個指令,透過它你幾乎可以操作整個系統的管理及設定,它有 CMD-GUI 及圖形介面,端看是從 x-window 還是 command 執行它。

smitty fast path list

一般 smitty 執行後會出現一個選單式的畫面,但是有時候要執行的東西很多層的時候就會要找一下,下列是官方的 smitty 捷徑。 不過我發現還是有沒有列出來的神秘路徑。

Software Installation and Maintenance

Software Installation and Maintenance install
Install and Update Software install_update
     Install Software install_latest
     Update Installed Software to Latest Level (Update All) update_all
     Install Software Bundle install_bundle
     Update Software by Fix (APAR) update_by_fix
     Install and Update from ALL Available Software install_all
List Software and Related Information list_software
     List Installed Software and Related Information list_installed
           List Installed Software list_installed_sw
           List Applied but Not Committed Software Updates list_applied_sw
           Show Software Installation History show_history
           Show Fix (APAR) Installation Status show_apar_stat
           List Fileset Requisites list_requisites
           List Fileset Dependents list_dependents
           List Files Included in a Fileset list_files
           List Fileset Containing File what_fileset
           Show Installed License Agreements installed_license
      List Software on Media and Related Information list_media
           List Filesets in a Bundle list_bundle
           List Software on Installation Media list_media_sw
           List Software Fixes (APARs) on Installation Media list_media_fixes
           List Supplemental Fileset Information on Installation Media list_media_info
           Show License Agreements on Installation Media license_on_media
Software Maintenance and Utilities maintain_software
     Commit Applied Software Updates (Remove Saved Files) commit
     Reject Applied Software Updates (Use Previous Version) reject
     Remove Installed Software remove
     Copy Software to Hard Disk for Future Installation bffcreate
     Check Software File Sizes After Installation check_files
     Verify Software Installation and Requisites verify_install
Network Installation Management nim_client
     Configure Network Installation Management Client Fileset niminit
     Install and Update Software nim_client_inst
     List Software on Media and Related Information nim_client_list
           List Filesets in a Bundle nim_c_list_bundle
           List Software on Installation Media nim_c_list_sw
           List Software Fixes (APARs) on Installation Media nim_c_list_fixes
     Manage Network Install Permissions nim_perms
     Manage Network Install Resource Allocation nim_c_mac_res
System Backup Manager backsys
     Back Up the System sysbackup
           Back Up This System to Tape/File mksysb
           Create a Generic Backup CD mkcdgeneric
     List Files in a System Image lsmksysb
     Restore Files in a System Image restmksysb

Software License Management

Software License Management licenses
Manage Nodelocked Licenses manage_nodelocked
     Add Nodelocked License from a File add_nodelocked_from_file
     Add Nodelocked License from the Keyboard add_nodelocked_from_keyboard
     Delete a Nodelocked License delete_nodelocked
Manage License Servers and License Databases manage_servers
     Show Server Characteristics show_server_characteristics
     Manage Concurrent Use and Use Once Licenses manage_prod_licenses
     Manage Vendor Information in License Databases manage_vendors
Show License Usage on Servers show_server_status
     Show License Usage Summary show_total_license_usage
     Show Licenses Currently Being Used show_current_license_usage
     Show License Information by Server show_installed_licenses
     Show Licenses Held by a Specific User show_user_license_held
Show License Agreements show_license_agree
     Show Installed License Agreements installed_license
     Show License Agreements on Installation Media license_on_media


Devices dev
Install/Configure Devices Added After IPL cfgmgr
Printer/Plotter printer
TTY tty
PTY pty
Console console
Fixed Disk disk
CD ROM Drive cdrom
Read/Write Optical Drive rwopt
Diskette Drive diskette
Tape Drive tape
Communication commodev
Graphic Displays g_display
Graphic Input Devices input
Low Function Terminal (LFT) lft
SCSI Initiator Device scsiid
SCSI Adapter scsia
Asynchronous I/O aio
Multimedia mm
List Devices lsattr
Configure/Unconfigure Devices devcfg
     Unconfigure a Device devcfg_ucfg
     Configure a Defined Device devcfg_cfg
Install Additional Device Software devinst
PCI Hot Plug Manager devdrpci
     Unconfigure a Device rmdev
     Configure a Defined Device mkdev
     Install/Configure Devices Added After IPL cfgmgr
ISA Adapters devisa

System Storage Management

System Storage Management (Physical & Logical Storage) storage
Logical Volume Manager lvm
      Volume Groups vg
           List All Volume Groups lsvg2
           Add a Volume Groups mkvg
           Set Characteristics of a Volume Group vgsc
           List Contents of a Volume Group lsvg1
           Remove a Volume Group reducevg2
           Activate a Volume Group varyonvg
           Deactivate a Volume Group varyoffvg
           Import a Volume Group importvg
           Export a Volume Group exportvg
           Mirror a Volume Group mirrorvg
           Unmirror a Volume Group unmirrorvg
           Synchronize LVM Mirrors syncvg
           Back Up a Volume Group vgbackup
           Remake a Volume Group restvg
           List Files in a Volume Group Backup lsbackvg
           Restore Files in a Volume Group Backup restsavevg
      Logical Volumes lv
           List All Logical Volumes by Volume Group lsvg
           Add a Logical Volume mklv
           Set Characteristics of a Logical Volume lvsc
           Show Characteristics of a Logical Volume lslv
           Remove a Logical Volume rmlv
           Copy a Logical Volume cplv
      Physical Volumes pv
           Add a Disk makdsk
           Change Characteristics of a Physical Volume chpv
           List Contents of a Physical Volume lspv
           Move Contents of a Physical Volume migratepv
      Paging Space pgsp
           Add Another Paging Space mkps
           Change/Show Characteristics of a Paging Space chps
           Remove a Paging Space rmps
           Activate a Paging Space swapon
           Deactivate a Paging Space swapoff
File Systems fs
     List All File Systems lsfs
     List All Mounted File Systems mount
     Add/Change/Show/Delete File Systems manfs
     Mount a File System mountfs
     Mount a Group of File Systems mountg
     Unmount a File System umountfs
     Unmount a Group of File Systems umountg
     Verify a File System fsck
     Backup a File System backfilesys
     Restore a File System restfilesys
     List Contents of a Backup listtoc
Files & Directories filemgr
     Backup a File or Directory backfile
     Restore a File or Directory restfile
     List Contents of a Backup listtoc
Removable Disk Management rds
     List All Mounted File Systems on a Disk lsmntdsk
     Unmount File Systems on a Disk umntdsk
     Remove a Disk from the Operating System removedsk
     Remove a Disk rmvdsk1
     Open Door open_door
System Backup Manager backsys
     Back Up the System sysbackup
     List Files in a System Image lsmksysb
     Restore Files in a System Image restmksysb

Security and Users

Security and Users security
Users users
     Add a User mkuser
     Change a User's Password passwd
     Change/Show Characteristics of a User chuser
     Lock/Unlock a User's Account lockuser
     Reset User's Failed Login Count failed_logins
     Remove a User rmuser
     List All Users lsuser
Groups groups
     List All Groups lsgroup
     Add a Group mkgroup
     Change/Show Characteristics of a Group chgroup
     Remove a Group rmgroup
Passwords passwords
     Change a User's Password passwd
     Change/Show Password Attributes for a User passwdattrs
Login Controls logins
     Change/Show Login Attributes for a User login_user
     Change/Show Login Attributes for a Port login_port
Roles roles
     Add a Role mkrole
     Change/Show Characteristics of a Role chrole
     Remove a Role rmrole
     List All Roles lsrole

Communications Applications and Services

Communications Applications and Services commo
TCP/IP tcpip
      Minimum Configuration & Startup mktcpip
      Further Configuration configtcp
           Hostname hostname
           Static Routes route
           Network Interfaces netinterface
           Name Resolution namerslv
           Client Network Services clientnet
           Server Network Services ruser
           Manage Print Server server
           Select BSD style rc Configuration setbootup_option
           Authentication Configuration auth_config
      Use DHCP for TCPIP Configuration & Startup usedhcp
      IPV6 Configuration configtcp6
           IPV6 Static Routes route6
           IPV6 Network Interfaces inet6
           IPV6 Daemon/Process Configuration daemon6
      Quality of Service Configuration & Startup configqos
           Start Using the QoS Subsystem startqos
           Stop Using the QoS Subsystem stopqos
NFS nfs_menus
      Configure TCP/IP (If Not Already Configured) tcpip
      Network File System (NFS) nfs
           Configure NFS on This System nfsconfigure
           Add a Directory to Exports List mknfsexp
           Change/Show Attributes of an Exported Directory chnfsexp
           Remove a Directory from Exports List rmnfsexp
           Add a File System for Mounting mknfsmnt
           Change/Show Attributes of an NFS File System chnfsmnt
           Remove Remove an NFS File System rmnfsmnt
Print Spooling spooler
Start a Print Job qprt
Manage Print Jobs jobs
     Cancel a Print Job qcan
     Show the Status of Print Jobs qchk
     Prioritize a Print Job qpri
     Hold/Release a Print Job qhld
     Move a Job Between Print Queues qmove
Manage Print Queues pqmanage
     Show Status of Print Queues qstatus
     Stop a Print Queue qstop
     Start a Print Queue qstart
     Set the System's Default Print Queue qdefault
Add a Print Queue mkpq
Add an Additional Printer to an Existing Print Queue mkqprt
Change/Show Print Queue Characteristics chpq
Remove a Print Queue rmpq
Manage Print Server server
Programming Tools pqtools

Problem Determination

Problem Determination problem
Error Log error
     Generate Error Report errpt
     Change/Show Characteristics of the Error Log errdemon
     Clean the Error Log errclear
System Dump dump
     Change the Primary Dump Device dumpchgp
     Change the Secondary Dump Device dumpchgs
     Change the Directory to which Dump is Copied on Boot dumpchgd
     Copy a System Dump from a Dump Device to a File dump_copy_file
     Copy a System Dump from a Dump Device to Diskette dump_copy_dskt
     Always Allow System Dump dump_allow
     System Dump Compression dump_comprs
     Check Dump Resources Utility dump_checkr
Alog alog
     Show an Alog file alog_show
     Change/Show Characteristics of an Alog File alog_change
Hardware Diagnostics diag
Verify Software Installation and Requisites verify_install

Performance and Resource Scheduling

Performance and Resource Scheduling performance
Resource Status & Monitors monitors
Analysis Tools analysis
Resource Controls controls
     Remove a Process kill
     Set Initial Priority of a Process nice
     Change Initial Priority of a Process renice
     Set System Run Level telinit
Schedule Jobs at
Power Management pm
     Configure/Unconfigure Power Management pmConfig
     System State Transition from Enable State pmState
     Display Power Management pmDisplaySelect
     Battery pmBattery
Workload Management wlm
      Work on alternate configurations wlmconfig
           Copy a configuration wlmconfig_copy
           Create a configuration wlmconfig_create
           Select a configuration wlmconfig_select
           Enter configuration description wlmconfig_enter
           Remove a configuration wlmconfig_delete
      Work on a set of Subclasses wlmsubclass
      Add a class wlmaddclass
      Change/Show Characteristics of a class wlmchclass
           General characteristics of a class wlmclass_gal
           CPU resource management wlmclass_cpu
           Memory resource management wlmclass_mem
           diskIO resource management wlmclass_bio
      Remove a class wlmrmclass
      Class assignment rules wlmrs
           Create a new Rule crewlmrs
           Change/Show Characteristics of a Rule chgwlmrs
      Start/Stop/Update WLM wlmmanage
           Start Workload Management wlmstart
           Update Workload Management wlmupdate
           Stop Workload Management wlmoff
      Assign/Unassign processes to a class/subclass wlmassign

System Environments

System Environments system
Stop the System shutdown
Assign the Console chcons
Change/Show Date and Time chtz_date
     Change/Show Date & Time date
     Change Time Zone Using System Defined Values chtz
     Change Time Zone Using User Inputted Values chtz_user
Manage Language Environment mlang
     Change/Show Primary Language Environment chlang
     Add Additional Language Environments mle_add_lang
     Remove Language Environments mle_rm_lang_hdr
     Change/Show Language Hierarchy mle_hier_cmd_hdr
     Set User Languages chlang_user
     Change/Show Applications for a Language mle_chapp_menu
     Convert System Messages and Flat Files nu_iconv
Change/Show Characteristics of Operating System chgsys
Change/Show Number of Licensed Users chlicense
Manage AIX Floating User Licenses for this Server netls_server
Broadcast Message to all Users wall
Manage System Logs logs
Change/Show Characteristics of System Dump dump
Internet and Documentation Services web_configure
     Change/Show Default Browser change_default_browser
     Change Documentation and Search Server change_doc_search_server
     Change/Show Default Documentation Language chdoclang
     Web-based System Manager web_based_system_manager
Change System User Interface dt_config
Change/Show Default Documentation Language chdoclang
Manage Remote Reboot Facility rrbtty
Manage System Hang Detection shd

Processes and Subsystems

Processes and Subsystems src
Processes process
     Remove a Process kill
     Bind a Process to a Processor bindproc
     Unbind a Process unbindproc
Subsystems subsys
     Query a Subsystem qssys
     Start a Subsystem startssys
     Stop a Subsystem stopssys
           Stop a Single Subsystem stopassys
           Stop All Subsystems stopallssys
     Refresh a Subsystem refresh
     Trace Subsystem tracessys
           Start Trace tracessyson
           Stop Trace tracessysoff
Subservers subserver
     Query a Subserver qserver
     Start a Subserver startserver
     Stop a Subserver stopserver
     Trace Subserver traceserver
           Start Trace startserver.trace
           Stop Trace stopserver.trace
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