ArbOS basic command

Command Tree

ip/              IP and network configuration
  access/          IP access rules
  arp/             ARP configuration
  interfaces/      Network interface configuration
route/           Routing configuration
tee/             NetFlow tee rules
services/        System services
  aaa/             Configure authentication, authorization, and accounting
  aps/             Configure Pravail APS
  dns/             DNS service configuration
  http/            HTTP service configuration
  logging/         Configure logging services
  ntp/             Configure the network time protocol service
  snmp/            SNMP service configuration
  ssh/             SSH service configuration
  telnet/          Telnet service configuration
  vrrp/            Configure the virtual router redundancy protocol service
system/          System configuration

Basic command

  • config mgt0 ip
    admin@arbor:/#ip interfaces ifconfig mgt0 up
  • show pravail aps deployment mode
    admin@arbor:/# services aps mode show
  • set pravail deployment mode (active/inactive)
    admin@arbor:/# services aps mode set active
    admin@arbor:/# services aps mode set inactive
  • show pravail aps service status
    admin@arbor:/# services aps show
  • show license
    admin@arbor:/# system license show
  • set license(看機器上面的貼紙)
    admin@arbos:/# system license set Pravail PRA-APS-2108 AAAAA-AAAA8-AA544-484AA-AAAA8-AAAA6-AAAA3-AAAAA-A1AAA
  • clear all config
    admin@arbor:/# services aps database initialize
  • set mgt access list
    admin@arbor:/# ip access add https mgt0
    admin@arbor:/# ip access add ssh mgt0
    admin@APS2100:/# ip access commit
  • save config
    admin@arbor:/# config write
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