CVE-2015-0235 GHOST: glibc gethostbyname buffer overflow

CVE-2015-0235, is a Linux based vulnerability that was recently discovered. Imperva is treating this vulnerability with utmost importance.

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About Networking Vendors

  • Many vendors talk about this issue.
Vendor Vulnerable Announcement Announce Date
A10 Yes A10 Security Advisories 2015-01-28
Arbor Networks Yes Internal Field(login required) 2015-01-29
Arista Networks Yes AristaSecurity Advisory 2015-01-28
Aruba Networks Not responded Aruba Security Advisory -
Avaya Yes Avaya Security Advisories 2015-01-28
BlueCoat Yes BlueCoat Security Advisories 2015-01-28
Brocade Not Accessible Brocade Security Advisory 2015-01-29
Cellopoint Not responded Cellopoint News -
CheckPoint Yes CheckPoint 2015-01-27
Cisco Ye Cisco 2015-01-28
Dlink Not responded
Enterasys (Part of Extreme) Yes Extreme Security Materials 2015-01-29
Extreme Networks Yes Extreme Security Materials 2015-01-29
F5 Yes F5 Security Advisory 2015-01-27
FireEye Investigating… FireEye Statement 2015-01-27
Fortinet Yes FortiGuard 2015-01-28
iMPERVA Yes iMPERVA Security Advisory 2015-01-29
Juniper Investigating, so far no Juniper KB 2015-01-28
McAfee Yes McAfee Security Bulletin 2015-01-27
NetAxle Not responded NetAxle
Palo Alto Not responded Palo Alto -
Radware Not responded Support -
Ruckus Wireless Not responded Ruckus Security
Silver Peak Not responded Silver Peak Security Advisory -
Sophers Not responded Sophers Support -
Sourcefire (Part of Cisco) Check Cisco -
Splunk Yes Splunk Answers 2015-01-28
TippingPoint Yes PDF at TMC 2015-01-30
VMware Investigating… VMware KB 2015-01-29
Websense Yes Websense 2015-01-28

Best Practices

  • Update to latest glibc.
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